Vizio now leads the US LCD market



Their latest local dimming LCD sets are supposed to be pretty good for the money and Costco sells them so they kinda have a lock on the low price bang for buck market right now. I haven’t really looked at them lately but I have seen their top of the line sets at Costco, just haven’t really critically looked at them.
They did used to be kinda the low cost crappy TV maker all the low cost buyers purchase whilst at Costco but the newest sets may help them gain some credibility if they are close to as good as rumored.


Vizio now leads the US LCD market.

[newsimage][/newsimage]A recent iSuppli report states that Vizio took the number 1 spot in the competitive LCD TV market in the United States, in part due to its lower-cost TV models.

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I think thats why they did so well the Economy took a dive so people followed there wallets to the lower priced TVs.

Seriously whats up with every one and Costco? I wasn’t impressed last time i was there i could get better deals at Same’s Club. Which makes sense by using Wallmarts large buying power. I think TVs are some of the few things i still buy in stores.


Not surprising to see their sales double the way they did, what with the advertising blitz they put out. There was a time last summer when it was almost guaranteed that a Vizio ad would play at least once during every commercial break. Seriously: I never cringed so hard at a pitching change in my life as I did through July-August of last year.


A LOT of people have a membership at Costco or at least have friends with one so everyone shops there. Their food prices are good, they have a lot of anything you’ll ever want or need, and they have a excellent return policy.
Their prices are good on many things, maybe not as good as the best blowout sales elsewhere but they always have a low price so if you don’t want to spend time deal hunting it’s a great place to shop.
I like to go there and check out the latest TV’s and other electronic toys, maybe later after I’ve seen what I like I might buy it there or elsewhere but it’s a great place for quick hands on with toys.


Costco is a great place to shop and they have great prices and one heck of a return policy that rocks.



We bought a Vizio 32" LCD tv from Amazon. It has a better picture than anything else in its price range/size - also rated as a ‘best buy’ by Consumer Reports - and deservingly so IMO-eh!!