Vizio enters competitive tablet market with a $300 Android offering



Vizio enters competitive tablet market with a $300 Android offering.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The first hands-on impressions of Vizio's virgin voyage into the burgeoning tablet business offered a warts and all glimpse at its upcoming device and a summer release date. The company hit that mark this week with a small caveat. Will consumers flock to its comparatively low-priced Android tablet, or choose Apple's hugely successful iPad instead?

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I bought a Sylvania tablet as a refurb simply because it was CHEAP, will support Android market with some tweaking, and has a 1ghz cpu so it’s fairly zippy for what it is. It’s one of the cheap Chinese made ones that trades on a old US name to sell here but for 80 bucks it was worth a gamble and for that kind of money I’m very happy with it.
I think the prices will have to fall for regular non geek types with normal incomes to jump into a tablet of any kind.
I wont do any of the name brands because 500 or so is too much just to play videos, surf, and check my mail on the run, no matter how much nicer it looks and works then my cheapie. If this thing didn’t work out I could send it back if broken or just call it a gamble that didn’t work out, but even at 300 I better be sure I need and like it or why bother wasting my very hard earned money.
Now that I know I like my tablet I may upgrade but still the bang per buck will have to be great or I’ll keep playing with this little guy.