Vizio discontinuing plasma HDTVs

I just posted the article Vizio discontinuing plasma HDTVs.

In order to focus solely on LCD, Vizio is dropping plasma high definition televisions from its product line.
Vizio’s reasoning has little to do with how the pros and cons of plasma stack up against…

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Now if they’d only change their “butt crack”-esque speaker design!

Hmm, looks like competition is decreasing in the plasma market. Doesn’t sound good to me. I prefer plasma over LCD due to the superior picture quality.

Geee… I wonder if the inferior quality and cheaper LCD is drying up the profit margins for plasma and this is why they are dropping them? I hope that plasma is here to stay.

I personally never cared for plasma and have always adviced against it… good ridence.

Oh yeah? Give us some of reasons aside from “not caring for it” to warrant us to be “adviced” against plasmas. And don’t even try to mention burn in this is sot an issue for several generations of these sets.

Then, give us some advantages of an LCD. I would like to hear them.

LCD’s = Less to no glare :flower: besides that I want to still see a 480htz 46+ inch LCD under 1000.00 USD.

LCD uses less energy, is catching up really fast in picture quality, can be made in smaller sizes, has a wider viewing arc, weights less, is not affected by air temperature/pressure and does not suffer from burn-in.

LCD does get burn in. Anyone can tell you this that uses LCD display for operational control graphics etc…not to mention here is a photo of an LCD on display with severe burn in.

IMHO due to improvements in the sets now and also the dimming down of those damn network logos, I really don’t think either plasma or LCD should suffer a burn in problem with normal use.

As far as viewing angle LCD may claim 175 degrees but that does not mean the image does not suffer. In addition LCD is VERY fickle when it comes to vertical placement for a viewer. this is because it relys upon a spreading of light accross the screen from a central source. Plasma each pixel emits it’s own light. LCD cannot match this at this time. Maybe if they figure out how to hang enough LEDs around the edge they can pull it off. Having said this, it is easy to see why a plasma uses more power since it lights each pixel.

"Although the LCD TV can be viewed from up to 176 degrees, there is a “sweet spot” which will produce brighter, higher contrast images."

I will concede that plasma screens suffer from glare- at least mine does, so I had to place lighting in such a way that it is not a factor. This may not be possible in some homes.

:bigsmile: Somebody needs to do you a favor, and let you know how much you remind them of a dipshit!

:bow: Who? is that you?

Plasma sets have also improved also in quality. Don’t ever think that because LCD may be improving, that Plasma is staying static in regards of improvement.

LCD’s do suffer from burn-in as Crabby pointed out below. Also, LCD’s have poor black level which is vitally important when it comes to rich colors or even accurate color reprensentation.Ever seen a LCD advertise brightness? LCD’s also do not handle motion even near to what a Plasma can do and this even goes for the newer 120hz sets. LCD’s suffer in viewing arc compared to PLasma. I don’t know why you said they were superior. LCD’s show SD video very poorly compared to Plasma.

On Plasma, they do have burn-burn just like LCD but like LCD, in most cases, it can be remedied by alternating white and black on the screen. Yes, you are correct, Plasmas do poor at high altitudes.You might have a problem in Denver or something but most people don’t live at high altitude. Plasmas have superior black levels compared to LCD and this gives it excellent contrast ratio which is important for color reprensentation.

I bought a Samsung A650 series 50" Plasma. My mother has a Samsung 46" LCD TV. She was nearly floored by the PQ of my Plasma with default factory settings. It made her have second thoughts about her’s. She even made the comment that she wished she would of got a TV like mine. My TV doesn’t suffer from glare. I even shined a flashlight at it and didn’t reflect the light. The picture is phenomenal to say the least. The only TV’s that performed better, and I did my research, were the Pioneed Elite Kuros in PQ. I would recommend this TV to anyone.

With that said, who cares about Vizio? If someone says, “Vizio”, quality just doesn’t come to mind. You get what you pay for though.

Crabby, thanks for pushing me over the edge about the Kuro’s. Even though there is a big difference between Elite and non elite brands, I just could never justify the Elite price so I began to research what was the next best thing. Panasonic and Samsung where mentioned; however, the Samsung was recommended over the Panasonic by many users on the AVS Forum.

I’ve got the Samsung 650 46" LCD version and it’s already amazing, I can only imagine the plasma version, but it was too big and too expensive for me. Have your mother or yourself calibrate her TV using AVS forums settings as a starter then fine tune, she should get much better picture quality. Samsung TVs and computer monitors are really of great quality for a fair price.

Btw, I didn’t say the picture was better on LCD, just the viewing arc maintaining quality is about 15° more than plasma which means you can have some people further on the sides if you wish. It’s just technical, nothing really important, but since Craby asked for pros on LCD, I gave the list commonly used. Also LCD is improving image quality faster than Plasma whhich is why it’s safe to say LCD is catching up.

I don’t really care about Plasma or LCD, I just went with what was best at the size and price range I fixed.


My manual says the viewing area is 175/175 degrees.

I fine tuned my mothers LCD with Digital Video Essentials.It looks better but mine out the box with factory default settings still had better picture. Now this could be most likely due to the fact that she has cable and they compress the HD. I get my HD OTA and it looks phenomenal. I have told her to get an antenna and get her local channels uncompressed.

The best Hoemowner HDTV on the planet right now is the Pioneer Kuro PLASMA.
There are no LCD sets that even come close to the PQ of the Pioneer Kuro. The non Elite sets can be had for about the same price as the best Panasonic or Sammys plasmas.

What is sad is that Pioneer may be getting out of the plasma business even thought they make the best quality set on the market.

Never have been a fan of plasma in general, but either way Vizio makes an astounding LCD. It’s hard to say no the them when they offer a good tv at a cheap price.