Vizio 48" No Picture nor Sound but gets Power

Hello, I’m new. This is my 1st Thread.

My 5 year old Vizio 48 " TV stop working. No picture no sound. In fact it won’t power off. I have to unplug it to power off. But when pluged in it will power on by the tv switch or remote. The only time I use the TV remote is to select the TV input source, Movie to Satilite/Cable. For some reason I always press the off/on button at the TV manually.

Well one day my wife calls me and tells me the TV stop working. The sound works only because the sound comes from the seperate sound system and not the TV.

So when I get home I see that the center Vizio light is on and all the lights to the tv manuel controls are lit up. So I turned the stereo sound off and tried to up the TV’s internal sound system. None of the manuel TV controls works nor does the TV respond to anything from the remote.

In the past I have repaired circuit boards by replacing blowned fuses and by resoldering what looks like a solder that has gone bad.

So I took the back off.

I only found 1 fuse in my Vizio power supply and it is good for it contols the lights as previously decsribed. Take it out the lights do not come on. Put it in the lighs lits up. I’ve taken a lighted magnfying glass and checked all the soldering and they all look good. There was one electrical post that did not have any solder on it, as if was not supposed to for it was like it had never been solder, really clean post, with nothing around it. I find that odd but I’m not real experienced in circuit boards. Just got lucky a couples of time in resolding.

I understand there could be up to 5 fuses. I do not have the schemetic, does someone know where approximately they may be located. There is a long and narrow circut board on both the left and right side of the TV. There is the power source board, there is the board that all the cables are hooked into. Then there are at least one more board maybe two. I’m at work so the TV is not in front of me.

Sure hope someone might be able to help me trouble shoot this.

Oh there is one other thing. A few of the solder looks like there is a crack, but normally I would expect the crack to be in the middle or closer to the board. But on a few of them I think I see a crack near the top or tip. But as I look closer it looks like a small dab of solder was put at the very top and I’m seeing what looks like the edge of the dab of solder. Is that normaly soldering practice or an actual crack?

Well darn I was hoping I’d get a few replys with suggestions by now. But that don’t matter any more for someone on my Venture Motorcycle forum help lead me to the dianogistic of the problem and so I’m doing a home made fix to the mother board.

Check all electrolytic caps on power supply… I’d suspect at least one them is bulged or gone bad (measuring with an ESR meter)

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