Vivastar DVD-R



Burned with Pioneer BDR-209EBK @2x

many errors in the first MBs, but readable

starting the scan at 4MB looks better



Can you make a scan with the Benq from 0MB?


Yes, sure


Thanks :slight_smile:

Sometimes I have the problem at beginning of scanning with LiteOn-drives if it still accelerate after begin of the scan. A higher accelerate-time or a 2nd scan-start sometimes help and the PIF-spike at the begin disappears.

I think as long the sensitive Benq don´t show POF it´s OK


Please, retest this medium after 2 or 3 months. :wink:


That sound like my Monarch (interaxia) :wink:


Vivastar AG was the predecessor of Interaxia AG and Vivastar AG DVD-Rs should be very similar to Interaxia AG DVD-Rs.


OK, Thank you for the info


I will


Also, could you post the stamper and serial numbers pictures?



Thanks, these were one of the very first (along with Digital Disc Dessau DVD-Rs) commercially produced DVDRs in Europe.