Vivaldi's lost opera cancelled due to copyright restrictions!

Here is an interesting tale of greed and the application of the EU copyright laws inappropriately applied. Antonio Vivaldi (1678 - 1741) , in 1733 wrote an opera called “montezuma”, with the only known performance was in 1733, then in 1992 Jean-Claude Malgoire earlier did a reconstruction, which was in 1992 was directed by Maté Rabinovski for TV screening. Now in 2002, in dusty archive, in Berlin, an incomplete score of the opera was located and subsequently, published on the web site of Berlin Sing-Akademie. This organization now holds a minimum of 25 years copyright control(link= and this organization now holds the right for 25 years for sole performance so the Barga opera festival, now has to cancel the opera from it’s program list(link is here to barga news= Oh well, these new copyright laws extend to works of the old masters, unpublished works, for who would have thought, that copyright could be applied to work of a musician first performed in public in 1733!