Viva la bam...mtv movie thing?

Hi I have tried just about every program imaginable (dvd x copy, anydvd +clonedvd, nero, dvd shrink, dvd+region css free, dvd decrypter) All of these were latest versions. I am trying to burn viva la bam season 1 and have also tried backing up my linkin park/jay-z collision course as well as napoleon dynamite (which I was able to but flipping it over and doing the widescreen version). I have not been able to burn any of them. In the decoding process it reads to a certain point (on viva la bam its like vts01_02). I cleaned the disk and it reads a little more in clone dvd but always stops at the analyzing at 51% and the LP one stops at a certain percent too. It’s like one spot or so and everything gets hung up. Sorry if this seems like a lot. Any help would be great!

anyone have any ideas? I also tried vobblanker

I have copied the region 1 NTSC US Viva la Bam with no problems using CloneDVD2 & AnyDVD

There is a newer version of both programs as Im sure you may know, but thats what I was using when I made my copy.

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind

Tested it out, Works Fine 100% :iagree: