Vista x64 Doesn't Read AD-5170A Despite Installing From It

Right. So I’m a hardware n00b at times, but I still try my best to find answers all over the net before approaching anyone for help. This time I’m pretty desperate though, as I can’t seem to find anyone with the exact same problem anywhere, including hardware forums. This seems like the likeliest place to get any form of assistance.

My Optiarc AD-5170A (PATA) worked splendidly well on XPSP2. It also worked when I installed Vista 64 bit. If I ever boot from CD it still boots properly and everything works like a charm.

Now, the thing is that inside Windows, if I’ve got a disc of any sort (CD, DVD, burnt media, empty media, you name it) it just loads indefinitely and finds nothing. If I load Windows with a CD in the drive, it just stops loading once Vista begins booting until I open the drive.

I know it’s retarded to hand out my full specs for a very specific problem but what the hell, I’m desperate. My specs are:

Athlon 4600+
Asus M2N-E mobo with nForce 570 Ulta
2GB of RAM
My HD is connect via SATA (while the NEC is IDE master)
GF8800GTS yada yada yada.

All of my drivers, including mobo, IDE and Windows updates are entirely up to date. I’ve installed the latest official firmware, but no cigar.

Bear in mind this problem might have a retardedly easy solution, but I’m simply such a klutz that I’ve got no idea what’s going on.

Please help. Every attempt is extremely appreciated.

Welcome to the forum.
The most likely cause is nVidia IDE PATA drivers.
Open device manager and select IDE controllers.
Select the PATA controller section then click on properties.
Select the drivers tab and then click on “roll back driver”. The standard MS drivers should be a available, if it’s not, you will probably have to un-install the IDE controller and restart the PC, allowing Vista to find and install the hardware.

Hmm, this may well be the problem, though again, I may be mistaken.

Under “IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers” I have:
ATA Channel 0
ATA Channel 1
Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE controller

Now this may have utterly nothing to do with this, but under storage controllers I have th NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller three times. So um… correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t that mean I’ve only got SATA drivers installed and it simply doesn’t bother with the PATA?

SATA controllers are categorized as mass storage/scsi controllers, so they have nothing to do with your burner. Like Dee-27 said, right click on ATA channel 0 and click on properties then click roll back driver or click on uninstall and restart and lets windows redetect the controller. After it redetects or rolls back, it will ask to restart, restart. Do that then lets us know if the problem still persists. And if the problem still persists, go download NFORCE driver for vista from and install it. Update us if all the steps above fail

nForce drivers are the first thing I tried. I didn’t get to roll back the drivers, and uninstalling didn’t change anything. Maybe I should try uninstalling through safe-mode, since it’s reinstalling it instantly.

Welp, nothing. Safe mode is no help, and nothing you guys said helps. Help :frowning:

Sorry for bumping and all, but if there’s any forum anywhere that I think can provide me help it’s this one. Please, help me solve this before I go mad and revert to XP :frowning:

Hmm the IDE cable is a proper 80 conductor cable?
When you click on properties in device manager for the IDE channel the drive is connected to, it reports the device is using UDMA mode 4?

It’s probably because you are running the x64 version and it is probably looking for 64 bit programs. Do you have the x32 bit version?

Yep, it’s UDMA. I think it’s a proper conductor cable, if by this you mean it looks like ye olde IDE.

I don’t understand the question. 64 bit programs, as in, on the CD\DVD? Because it doesn’t even respond to it being in the drive in the first place. x32bit version? As in, of the hardware or of Vista? Because yes, the drive did previously work flawlessly on XP 32bit. As for Vista, well, it’s not impossible for me to get my hands on the required software if I really wanted to downgrade to 32bit, but right now I’d prefer to try and solve this as it is.

Again, thanks for the renewed interest, guy :slight_smile:

You need to check the IDE cable, an old 40 conductor cable won’t work properly with this drive and Vista, it needs a 80 conductor cable.
BTW: I run Vista 64bit here, with no problems. :wink:
BTW2: i’m not a guy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I read somewhere that when you buy Vista in 32bit, you are entitled to a free 64bit version from microsoft. I wonder if the reverse is true.

I got the 64x DVD from a bundle deal my friend had at work. Cost me a couple of mothballs and an old flannel shirt’s button. Thing is, it works perfectly on the bundled computers they’ve upgraded. I doubt this is a custom version or anything, sounds way dumb. I’ll inquire about 32bit, but then, it’s still downgrading. Benchmarks for demos are better on 64bit all around from what I understand, if only by a couple of frames per second.

Dee - that actually was supposed to be “guys”, but I’ll address you accordingly regardless :smiley:

So mm… as far as the cables go I don’t really know. Should I just count the number of little cable-y things that compose the whole cable? And if so, are all IDE outlets the same? I may have changed the IDE cables that came with the mobo, which is fairly new, with something a tiny bit longer but I’ve had no idea there was any difference. I’ve tried hooking up another DVD drive in the past, but the power supply wasn’t beefy enough considering the GFX card is a power hog.

Egh, sorry, this must all seem really silly to the more technically savvy, but then, who else should I ask? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And again, I am pretty much forced into bumping. I hate doing this, but eh… I’m hopeless right about now.

Update! Works on PIO mode. PIO mode, however, is considered slow. So… how do I make it work with DMA?