Vista x64 Backup

I have upgraded to Vista x86 on my backup machine and I am starting to like it.

I have been considering going to Vista on my main system but want to give Vista x64 a try.

I have found all the drivers for my hardware and most of my Software programs that I use are supposed to work with Vista x64 or I have found some good alternatives.

My only concern is system backup, I have used Acronis for a long time but would like to give a few other backup programs a try.

These would need to make a image (compressed) of C: drive and be able to boot from a CD/DVD or Flash drive and be able to restore the partition.

Is anyone with Vista x64 using such a program???


Yep there is such a program in vista (or in ultimate anyway). If you look in Accessories>system tools you’ll see “Backup status and configuration” it’s also in the control panel :wink: I don’t think it compresses it though but winrar could help with that, To restore you just reboot from cd/dvd and go to repair or press F10 on boot up to go into the repair console that way

The backup is also included in Vista Home Premium 64.
I don’t use it though. I prefer Acronis. :slight_smile:

Business edition also includes the Imaging software. I use it all the time rolling back to a clean state before each review. Works perfectly and so far I do not miss acronis at all.

just wanted to add if you use winrar to compress it you would have to extract it before restoring it :wink:

OK I will give the build in backup a try and then see if it’s worth installing Acronis.

Thanks everyone