Vista x-fi update

For all you with X-FI card’s and Vista and who’ve spaced over updates of late:-

A new driver has been released for a start. Version 2_15_0002. Get it here

A cd containing full working software for vista is available for download as a torrent on ISO hunt and a link to it is available on the creative vista form. Find the torret here . BTW mods, this is a legitimate download and not illegal piracy. Creative wouldn’t allow a link to the torrent on there form if it was.

You want to use the driver I gave a link for as the cd iso comes with the older, crappier driver.

For all you people looking for dolby digital and dts then here’s a fix I found on hard forum.

Installed new driver and new suite, everything is working perfectly. And it is possible to activate DolbyDigital & DTS decoding in Vista. All you need to do is to replace ctac32k.sys in System32/drivers from Dell driver. Why Creative make it functional for Dell and not for the others I don’t know. I did that and get one more tab for decoders in Creative panel.
First download the latest drivers from Creative:
then update to newr version via WIndows update.
Download the drivers from then u a program like winrar to extract that exe file to a folder, there should be the folder path /drivers/wdm/win2k_xp then in there if you have 32 bit vista, use the folder i386, if you have 64-bit vista use the folder amd64 copy the file ctac32k.sys to c:\windows\system32\drivers (overwrite if necessary). Then, restart the computer. Go to device manager, make sure you have it set to display hidden devices. Look for Creative AC3 Software Decoder. Double click that. Then on one of the tabs there should be a start/stop button. Make sure you stop it then start it again.
Now you can choose either to download new Creative VIsta X-Fi suite or YouP-PAX X-Fi2 suite
and install what you desire except audio drivers, you already got them.

This works. I included a snap of it to show you.

Creative only gave the cd with full software to people buying new top-of-the-range X-FI’s. Other X-FI user’s had to figure a way to get it themselfs. Dolby was only put in for people using a dell pre-build. Beggs the question’s. Do creative value there card users so little? What kind of support do they call this?
What plannet are they on cause this is bad buisness and they are not untouchable. Maybay it’s time people stopped buying there equipment as they are as bad as microsucks in my eys. The alchemy program doesn’t have to be a paid for ( as they plan to do with full release ),seperate app. I found a way to impliment it perminantly in the system. It’s all about money and whos respect they value the most.

Anyway, sorry for the rant. Hope this helps some of you. If you have problems with this, then just post. Ill do my best to help.

EDIT:- I tried to put together a zip of the files needed for the dolby fix and post them but the file was to large and were rejected. Sorry. Your on your own with that one. BTW the pic was taken on my brothers system using my old SB X-FI oem. The drivers, software and fix worked on it as well as on my extreme gamer.

Sorry. Should have said that the above driver link works all X-FI cards and on all versions of vista. The page says extreme gamer because thats the line I usualy follow when checking for drivers as that is my audio card.

This does not work for me… On the audio console I do not get the Decoder Tab. I am not using the YouPax software, but the Creative DVD software release a few weeks ago.

Is this either because I am using Vista 64 bit or because I am not using the Youpax software?

Any ideas?


thanks for info.

i have a pretty old Creative Zen.i’m able to install the software alright onto my Windows Vista…but when i plug in my actual Zen Jukebox it won’t find any drivers for it.

any ideas?