Vista wont acknowledge that there is a disk in the drive

Hey guys,
After a windows vista update, my laptop decided that i didn’t want to read and disks anymore. i’ve seen other people with similar problems, and usually fiddling with registries is the solution, but i’ve tried that and t made no difference. WAT DO?

Have you tried the Microsoft Fix It tool?

Click the link in my signature that says [I]Microsoft support for optical drives. [/I]

Yeah the Microsoft Fix it Tool Did nothing.
It told me that it could not detect my drive and then asked if the problem was fixed. it wasn’t.

You didn’t say exactly what you were doing in the registry. Did you delete the upper and lower filters?

Yeah, but i could only find lower filters in the directory i was directed to,
in fact the drive wont even show up in device manager

Do you have a save point prior to the update?

Another thing to try is to put in a bootable disk, restart the computer and see if the computer will start from the disk rather than the hard drive. You’ll have to have the boot order in the bios set to the optical drive first, then the hard drive. This will insure that the optical drive is still functioning and that it simply hasn’t failed. Sometimes what we think is a software issue is just a coincidence in timing with something we’ve done on the computer, and it is really a hardware issue. Trying a bootable disk will rule this out.

An operating system disk will work as a bootable disk. You can also get one online, like

While you’re in the bios, make sure that the optical drive shows up in there as well. If it doesn’t, you can be certain there has been some sort of hardware failure.

i’m sorry, but how can i have a step by step instruction to PE builder, im pretty crap at computers,
and thanks for your help so far

Sorry, I should have linked you to the Ultimate Boot CD. Just download the iso image to a computer with a working optical drive and burn it to a cd with ImgBurn, or other software you are familiar with for burning ISO image files.

This site is fairly fast for downloading it: Just click on the link that says ubcd503.iso

ImgBurn is free, and can be found here: Click on burn image file to disc to start the process of burning the ISO.

Thanks, i’ll get back to you as soon as i can