Vista won\'t recognise a new disc till I reboot? (BenQ DW1640)

[qanda]This thread is about the BenQ DW1640. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi,

I’ve got a BenQ DW1640 DVD drive, but when I put a disc into it, until I reboot Windows it won’t read it. For example if the drive is empty when I start up, it’ll still think it’s empty no matter what until a reboot.

Same if a full disc is in there, even if I eject it and change it, it’ll still think the same disc is there. Quite annoying.

I was wondering if anyone would have any ideas?

I’ve tried removing it in Device Manager and re-starting when it re-installed it, but had no luck there. I think the problem started when I un-installed Virtual CloneDrive a while ago now, but I can’t be totally certain.

I’m running Vista 64-bit, and have the latest firmware on the drive.

Thanks so much for reading!

I’m having the exact same problem! However I have an Optiarc AD-5200S.

If you find the solution to your problem, please post here :slight_smile: I will do too. Nothing more annoying than threads which remain unanswered but still pop up in Google searches :wink:

Maybe there are some software similarities?

I’m running AntiVir, Epson printer utility, VIA HD audio deck, ATI drivers… otherwise it’s just the usual Vista processes.

Edit: Just tried a different drive (same model, just a different drive from a different supplier) and it has the same issue.

Hrm. I flashed the drive to the latest firmware (v1.05 to v1.09) then rebooted, then it showed up as a “CD Drive” and the problem was gone (it read both DVDs and CDs even though it said “CD drive”, by the way).

However after another reboot, it’s showing up as a “DVD Drive”, but now it has the problem again. The only way it’ll recognise the fact that the disk in the drive has changed is if I reboot the computer.

Thanks for posting, and yeah you’re so right about there being nothing more annoying than threads which remain unanswered but still pop up in Google searches!

I just tried disabling the sharing on my drive but that didn’t change anything.

Sadly it sounds like we’re running different software. I’m running McAfee, I have a Canon printer, a nVidia graphics card, and Creative X-Fi Sound.

Hmm :confused:

I’ll certainly post if I find something though.

I found out I’m running AnyDVD, and when I close that, it works fine… except for burning DVD-RW :confused: Nero 7 comes up with an error about not being able to start Disc-At-Once and fails to burn. DVD R’s are all good though.

I haven’t touched AnyDVD for many many months, so it’s really strange that was the problem, but maybe it was a conflict with that and Virtual CloneDrive that didn’t fix its self when I un-installed Virtual CloneDrive.