Vista video file problems

I am having some serious issues with video files in vista. I can get the thumbnails to work for Xvid and Divx AVI files, but when a Mpeg2 or Mpeg file is in an open folder explorer crashes (CPU goes to 100). Also i cant watch any mpeg videos in Media player as it also crashes.

I have tried various codec packs (K-Lite and Vista) but nothing works.

I have also installed Nvidia Purevideo Decoder to handle Mpeg files, but that doesnt seem to have done anything at all… Is there a way i can check which decoder is in use for mpeg files?

Its really pissing me off anyway… can anyone help me?

Virtual dub can virtualdub
or you may need this videoinspector

Ok cheers mate

Hello there :slight_smile:

I got a similar problem here but the other way round -while i had the K-Lite codec pack installed (latest version) on my Vista Ultimate, everything would PLAY fine (avi, mpg, wmv etc) but when opening a folder that contained divx-encoded avi files, a “com surrogate” error would occur and sometimes explorer would crash.

I uninstalled the K-Lite pack and installed a “Vista Codec Pack” but i still had the same issues!

Kicked that one too and installed DivX latest version - STILL same issue!!

After some googling then i found that DivX itself is the culprit - regardless what version, it’s just not really compatible with Vista. So i kicked that one too and installed the alternative Xvid - no more problems :slight_smile:

However now i have a different problem - i used to do lots of video convertying but right now i am stuck due to a lack of codecs! Particular using a proggie called “SmartMovie” which converts pretty much any format into small avi files that are to be used on s60 smart phones, i always (under XP) had a lot of codecs to chose from, but right now it offers only Xvid (a version that’s “built in”) and ffdshow.

I hope that K-Lite will come with an update that is truly Vista-compatible soon… i need those codecs, every single one of them :slight_smile:

Kind regards…


What version of Vista do you use? 64 or 32 bits?

Having the same Problem, I have found a quick fix but doesnt solve the problem totaly. If you Right click on the file with the video files in chose customise and select documents, then apply to all files and subfolders the next time you open that folder and the video files are displayed you should not get the com surrogate error. But I agree they should sort out these annoying problems and so should microshaft. £180 quid for a piece of software thats full of bugs … Dont get me wrong I like Vista but this error should be high on their fix list cos anyone using Divx will have these errors as well. I am using Vista Ultimate 32bit Amd Sempron 3300+ :bigsmile:

cheftaz you are out of the subject, install vista first and then think to reply for a possible solution