Vista Utility - Right Click - Properties - Video Files

As Windows has migrated through 2000, to XP, to Vista, the amount of video file advanced info provided by right click utilities has gone from extensive to nothing.

This is really important to know; particulaly when refining DVD or File to Mobile profiles. Did I crreate a 480i or 560p file; what resolution, which codec etc?

Does anybody know of a good utility that gives extensive info about video files??

Actually I use a combo of information programs.
GSpot & Media Info are a couple.

Thanks Cholla. I had tries Gspot but it crashes; I will retry.

To find out [I]everything[/I], it usually takes more than one program.
I use:
MPEG Validator
and there are others.

I have been searching high and low, installing and uninstalling.

Got GSpot working, and if that resize info in the bottom right is correct it is pure gold.

Thanks heaps.