Vista Ultimate - No Play DVD Files

I took the plunge and upgraded my Windows Media PC . . . actually I did a “new” install into a different directory. (There is much more to this story, but not necessary for the thread.)

With the install completed, I can no longer play my ripped DVD’s. The old WM PC would play the files as if it was a DVD disk, but now the computer claims the folder is empty or that it does not recognize the file. (If I use a different DVD player, the files play fine on this system.)

Is this a loss of features or am I the only experienceing this?


There is a fix that requires a registry change:
The following comes from this post:

You can enable the ‘My DVDs’ functionality with the following reg key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center\SettingsDvdSettings

There you’ll find a setting that says “ShowGallery”=“Play”. Double click it and set it to “Gallery”

You will then need to go to the TV section (not VIDEO) and under the DVD Library, right click to Add the file locations.

And once that is done, there is a variety of other enhancments!78533A1A2E078194!164.entry

This is great information. I especially like the part where you solved your own problem! :slight_smile: Was the “new install” you referred to in the first post a DVDFab install, or a re-install of Media Center or some of its components?

Here is the gory details. I belong to the Microsoft Action Pack subscription service, which included use of VISTA Business version. This required upgrade would not upgrade a Windows Media Center, so it choose to do a install into a seperate directory. Therefore that was not a real upgrade.

After the successful install, I then used the Microsoft site to pay for the upgrade from Business to Ultimate ($135 +/-). The cool thing here is that the Microsoft DVD has all the versions on it, but they can’t be seen. With the purchase, then a file sent over the Internet unlocks the ability to upgrade.

The Ultimate upgrade goes over the top of the Business Vista.

The one gotcha was that after the install my screen was BLANK (horrors!). This is refered in some of the posts as the new BSOD but instead of BLUE it was BLACK. I had to solve this one, only by accident: my ATI video card had shifted the video only to my TV screen, not my PC screen. So I had to use the TV to download the most recent ATI drivers to get back to two screens.

After that I had to reinstall my apps, including DVDFab.

So far so good (but lots of digging around and the wife was relatively patient for two nights whent he computer went through this upgrade)

Holy crap. Sounds like an adventure I don’t need right now. :slight_smile: Please post back after you get a chance to try some burns with Fab and share the gory details of that as well. Take your wife out to dinner. :iagree: