Vista Ultimate Install problem, need help

I just got my brand new replacement Raptor from WD and I’m trying to install Vista Ultimate on it. I’m trying to dual boot using the Raptor as the Vista drive (Drive D) and using my 500gb Seagate with my already nstalled XP Home (Drive C). I’ve tried installing from within Windows XP and from booting up the DVD, but I get the same following error message:

“Windows cannot locate the selected partition for installation”, can’t remember the exact message word for word, but is pretty much that. I’ve partitioned and formatted the drive and its working perfectly, so I can’t seem to find the problem.


what did you use to partition and format the drive? You should let vista’s partition manager do that because vista has a different version of ntfs than xp. Go into xp and delete the partition in the admin tools>disc management section and leave it unpartitioned then boot from the vista disc and set up the drive in the vista installer

I think I tried that the first time when I put in my Raptor. It was unpartitioned and all, but when I booted into Vista setup, it didn’t see the drive. I’ll try again now but that’s what happend last time If I remember correctly.


Ok, as usual, I tried and failed again. This is the message I got:

Failed to create a new partition on the selected unused space. [Error: 0x80070002]

I selected the unpartitioned raptor and clicked “New” and specified the size; I left it default. This is really starting to aggravate me.


found info here and here

I’ve already tried google myself, all I’ve found was the same Error Code, but totally different problems and not mine.

have you tried disconnecting the xp drive installing vista then reattaching the drive? If it works you can make it dual boot with this guide

But if I did that, the Raptor drive letter would change to C: and then conflict with the XP drive which is already C: would it not? The guide you posted is to get it to dual-boot both OS’s on the same drive from what I see.

Well all I can say is try following that guide. The only thing I can see from the google results is that you are probably using a downloaded iso of vista. I had xp and installed vista ultimate 64b no problems but after seeing and using vista i wiped the xp drive as it was like going back to win95.

Do you need to set the size of the partition in MB when you click “New” or does it automatically choose the maximum size? When I click New, the box comes up wit hthe default number of 76,XXX for the size and the drive stats in the box above says 74.4 GB

so it see’s the drive fine? Just select the drive and delete the partition it will ask you to confirm so confirm then create new partition in the unallocated space, it will use all the space by default press ok

I just tried again, I didn’t see any confirmations when I clicked New to make the new partition… I deleted the partition in WinXP. But yet again, another failure this time with a different error message below:

“Windows could not assign a drive letter to a partition on disk 1. The specified disk does not exist. The error occured while preparing the partition selected for installation.” Error Code: [0x80300025]


Someone must be able to help, this is really aggravating me. When I’ve tried installing from within Windows XP Home, the first section installs fine, reboots, loads up the DVD on boot to continue installlation then the above Error Code comes up. When I’ve tired installing from the booted up DVD, installation doesn’t even start and the same error code comes up.

Have been wanting to use my Vista Ultimate since I got it like 2 months ago and now I finally have the chance and it won’t even install.