Vista transformation pack

Been browsing and it has the vista transformation pack, which i would like to download, but dont want to if it is likely to end in stablility issues. Any comments?

It says you can uninstall it. If you try it post what you think. I would like to try this.

It has couple of flaws
According to the EULA
1 - It reports back to the mother ship
2 - Microsoft can share that returned information to anybody else they want
3 - You might be able to unistall it but you never know what it might have planted and what does not uninstall.

I was reading about it also on another forum and the general consensus was no way ho szay

On a side note: I have a legit paied for copy of XP. Had it for years. Went to get a file from microsoft and it kept trying to get me to load their latest WGA software. A minute of whtch craft later I manged to get around that but it ticked me off that they are now trying to cram things down our throats. Now because im legal loading the check would not make any difference to me, but it was the principle of the whole idea. Vista is going to make XP look like a picnic. God help those who get stuck with it.

arg… why didn’t you come online sooner bkf? i downloaded it, but didn’t like the look of the icons, start bar etc, so i reinstalled it. Then i restarted, and it said the xp visual theme could not be detected, so i could only go with a win 98 theme, but i did a system restore before i did anything so now im all gravy… but i would recommend against downloading it

Yeah, I think I’d leave that well alone :eek:

stay away from the real one as well :wink:

Oh I shall, for the forseeable future. :wink:

Im sorry about that, had to go to the store. Ill have to find the forum I read about it. These people were ticked. Go re read my post. I added some stuff.
Im not typing so fast today. Brain ain’t working so good either.

a guy posted the EULA you should have read that piece of work

on top of all that the store was out of smoked kippers. it sucks to be me.
Im not kidding I was thinking of you guys and went down to get some. The shelf was empty

Originally Posted by haveacigar
stay away from the real one as well

Hi :slight_smile:
I believe you need a keyboard to operate this Vista transformation pack. :stuck_out_tongue:

Arachne: WACK HIM UP SIDE THE HEAD :bigsmile:

/me smacks zebadee hard with a handful of Kippers

Someone else’s keyboard is just fine for me right now, thankyou :stuck_out_tongue:


Just saw your edit, bk. Vista is beginning to look like something you’d install on the PC of someone you hate :bigsmile:

Hi :slight_smile:
This vista transformation pack is actually smaller, so less in program than one released around a year. The old one had no surprises & was far more comprehensive.

Not only that, a DRM capable keyboard :slight_smile:

There are a couple of skinning packs to make XP look like Vista. Are they worth it? I don’t know chouce is yours, but think of the extra memory usage. THe lates version of Windowblinds does shift it as much as possible to the graphics card, so if a good one is installed i may be worth it for a cool look.,

bkf, wga will be compulsary for updates, for both MS OS and software, and downloads pretty soon and it looks like the witchcraft won’t get round it when it finally becomes a compulsary item.

Yea Jay I figured that. Im just trying to hold off. Kind of a protest thing. I got their WGA #2 version but I hate being told I need Version 3. My XP is as legal as they come, I just don’t like a company taking out so much control over my life. Heck I still got WMP 9. I refuse to go to 10 or 11 and every time I load one of their updates something else stops working like the update that kept me from seeing pull downs on the CNN news site. While service pack one and two (I have both orginal on disc) caused me no harm im not exactlly sure how they helped me either. And every second tuesday of the month I tell the updater not to remind me about the latest and greatest they offer. I think through the years I got something like 180 updates. Good thing I made the OS pertition 60 gig :iagree: I love XP…it’s hard to kill but it’s also out of control. I think the secret to my sucess of such a stable system is the fact I don’t load every new thing that comes along without a whole lot of research first.

Lol :slight_smile:

I’m going Linux for my next OS, once I decide which one :wink:
Vista is just too over the top for “protected Content”.
I want a PC that can do everything. Not an expensive Standard Definition player.

I’ll keep XP for games though. :wink:

bkf that’s why I held off going on to XP for a few years I kept hearing how the fixes actually broke it :bigsmile: I have SP2 and only use the updates I thinkI need so I let it notify me they are ready for installing then I go through the list and see what is relevant to me. As much as I don’t like it either I have to say they do have a right to check that it is valid version of XP before allowing updates, it does cost them to make them after all. Luckilly it won’t disbale invalid copies just won’t allow them to update.

debro, narrow down everything please. SuSE (which now has a free open version called “Open SuSE”) is quite a good one. None realy provide support for commercial games, game coders fault, but if you have a decent amount of memory there may be a way round that with vmware using to create a virtual windows machine.

Other than that it is just learning your way round the FOSS software, and configuring your hardware, if you have an internal ADSL modem it should be no problem getting online the fun comes with the USB ones most ISPs provide.