Vista support

I have MFC application which uses NeroSDK-v1.03 and burns CD with Nero Burning ROM v. What should I do to get it working in Windows Vista?
If there update for this version which makes it running in Vista?|
I see that Nero 7 supports Windows Vista. Should I buy it or it is available for v.6 customers? Is Nero 7 SDK backward compatible and my existing program can be recompiled under new SDK?

Two weeks without reply. It looks like this forum is not supported by Nero, this is really disappointing.

I think the new Nero 7 is Vista compatible, but Nero drivers are not compatible with Vista as far as I know. I may be wrong. I know that the new burning ROM in Nero 7 is totally compatible. Why don’t you e-mail them or ask for support at their website. :wink: