Vista Support- Can I flash it again (LG GSA-H55N)

[qanda]This question is published in the hardware section for the LG GSA-H55N. Click here to view full specs.[/qanda]Had XP upgraded to Vista Ultimate just to play with it. Loaded t he drivers for the LG GSA-H55N. It worked for the day. Several reboots with no problem. Turned it off for the night and next morning does not even see the LG. Can’t believe this is already bad. Is there a way to flash this product again?

Adding info. I have tried to load firmware updates to see if it will work. Can’t find ATAPI device is the response. I think I just found the problem. Drive must be hosed.
Don’t hesitate to tell me otherwise if you have an idea or opinion.

Try deleting the IDE channel driver that the drive is connected to and then reboot.

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Also make sure you get the Vista SP1 as well.

Thanks for the input. I also found an article about this is a know issue if you delete the driver and then try to reload the drivers.
–It talked about deleting the Upperfilters from the registery.
–Teo separate artocles. On was very specific and the otehr was general. I fillowed the specific one and it did not work. Went a step further and deleted the the lower filter.
–Blue Screened sand then just rebuilt. Faster and easier than trying to find out the issue.
–Vista is a pretty easy rebuild with lots of ram.

Start \ Run \ regedit
F3 (search) upperfilters
deleet the entry on the right pane
Ahould find the burner when it comes back up.
-as I sad it did not on mine, so I figure my scenario was a bit different.

Thanks again

Should have proof read also before posting. :slight_smile: