Vista support anyone?

Does anyone have any idea when/if Alcohol 120% is/will be supported on Vista Beta 2?

It is being looked in to but there is no ETA for it as yet.

I have found an answer, if anyone wants…

Rgds YanDmaN

Sure if you know something we dont, let us know

Ok, as you seem to be a disbeliever, what can Alcohol not do with the cdrom.sys method you mentioned earlier, so that i can test this (because i do not want to look foolish), i will test and if all ok, i will post my install method, which btw is very simple…

Regards YanDmaN

Ok, as you seem to be a disbeliever,

LOL I have no intention of telling you anything. You can not install alcohol on RC2 at this time without risking messing your system up.

(because i do not want to look foolish),
Post your method and then i can tell you if you look foolish or not

Ok my friend, do as below, and it also works on RC2 aswell… Cheers

How To Install Alcohol 120% on to Vista RC1/RC2 By (YaN, Stoke, UK) October 21 2006

Step 1
Rename the Alcohol installation exe to Install_A.exe and double click, this will now install. (Ignore any errors)

Step 2
Now Rename the Main alcohol exe in the Alcohol folder to MAIN_A.EXE
(Not forgetting to also change the Shortcut properties on your desktop to point to the new name)

Step 3
Now run the compatibility wizard and select the MAIN_A.EXE and set it to run as
Windows 2000 and run as Administrator.

Step 4
When the main alcohol window comes up, you will now be able to setup the Virtual drives with no errors.

Congratulations. However, we do not officially support Alcohol under Vista. And you do realize that Phoenix is one of the big cheesies (not a typo) from Alcohol Soft, right?

LOL LOL not sure i like the big cheese title, but i can live with it.

Ok this is my how to install Alcohol in vista RC2 without having to mess around. Wait a few days :slight_smile: