Vista SP1 nForce SATA Drivers and SATA DVD-RW burn, The DVD Recorder gets blocked at lead-in

This is an old issue, every time in vista I have installed the nVidia SATA drivers through Windows Update or from the nVidia supplied package I loss dvd or cd recording. When the nVidia drivers are present, with every software I try (Nero 8, Nero 7, ImgBurn, defaults Vista recording utility) the recording gets stopped at writing the Lead-in. After that, if in Nero otherway maybe the system gets freezed, the writing proccess fails.

After some searching the Internet I have found, here in cdfreaks for example, a lot of users with the same issue and SATA recorders. The solution? Remove nVidia drivers and rollback to the Vista RTM drivers from Microsoft (called Nvidia nForce SATA 590/560/540). Oh, no problem to date with that (I lost the more advanced features from nVidia but I can live with that). Until SP1.

Now Microsofts has updated,more exactly, has integrated the nVidia prioritary updates from Windows Update, in the SP1 and removed the old working (for me and a lot of others with SATA recorders) driver from the system. If I want to have the SP1, sure I want!, my recorder stops working with the same problem as always, stucked in the lead-in writing process. I can’t remove that driver, cause there is no other driver. Also, as always, the latest version of nForce drivers from nVidia does the same. What can I do? As it’s happening to a lot of people, has nVidia known about this ? Is there a solution or a workaround?

Thanks in advance,

Asus M2N32WS / Pro nForce 590 SLI
Plextor DVD-RW PX-760SA (SATA)
Plextor DVD PX-130A (IDE)
Seagate Baracuda ST350064 1AS (SATA)
Nvidia GeForce 7950 GT:a

It would seem you are experiencing the same issue as I am. When you put a blank disc into the drive, does it read it or do you get the error codes? I’m curious…


I have been on holidays those days, so I have no readed your post!!

If the recorder does not read any cd or dvd put in contact with plextor support they will send you another unit if yours is in warranty. Mine is reading fine any dvd or cd, but is not recording…