Vista shell context menu

The “mount image” option no longer shows up in my Vista explorer/shell context menu. I use Alcohol 52% FE, and it looks to me that this happened after installing the latest version (

Tried unregistering all extensions and registering back: no workie. Tried uninstalling Alcohol, and installing back: no workie either.

Please help, as this is the main feature of Alcohol that I am banking on.

C’mon folks, am I the only one that’s got trouble w/that?

How about some registry hacks? Or, at least, lemme know where in the registry I should look, so then I can just fix this manually…

Your not the only one, what i cant understand is why you bring your problem here, if you took your problem to the Alcohol site you would recive a faster reply, while Alcohol staff do frequent this forum our main objective is our own support forum, so replies here are often late.

We are aware of this problem and it will be addresed in our next update

Yes, I tried, but i couldn’t find any (open) Alcohol forums. The ones on the Alcohol website seemed to be closed/inactive–at least they were so a little while ago whan I tried to post my issues. :confused: Will give it another try ASAP.

We are aware of this problem and it will be addresed in our next update
Thank you. :bow: (And when might that come out please? :stuck_out_tongue: )

The trial forum is open for all users, registered or not. If you purchase Alcohol (or already have), you can send an e-mail to support for access to the Customer section of the forum. As for new versions, ETA’s are never given.

Thanks: as I was saying, I am using the free 52% version. There doesn’t seem to be any place in that forum for complaints/greivances regarding the 52% FE. Anyway, I’ll try to make my voice heard somewhere in that forum sooner or later.

Cheers, and keep up the good work. :clap:

The trial users forum is for trial versions and 52% Free Edition.