Vista Search



:a Have you realized too that half of the Vista search options settings are dead and have zero effect on the actual search?? At least that’s the case with my installation. Let’s go through the main search options window:

The first setting: This setting determines if Vista searches for (a) file names only, (b) for file names and content or © for names and content of indexed files and only for file names in case of non-indexed files.
This setting works.

The second setting: This setting asks to search in sub-folders or not (no matter if indexed or non-indexed files).
This setting does not work! Searches also show the files in the sub-folders of the chosen folder if not checked! This setting is dead and has no effect!

The third setting: Search for partial matches. Example: Finds a file named “cdfreaks” although the search-word is just “cd” or just “freaks” for example.
This setting works.

The fourth setting: Free formulation search: The phrase “photos of the house” finds photos of the house you have stored on the HDD and named like that. Vista understands natural phrases.
This setting works.

The fifth setting: Use or don’t use the Vista search index for the search.
This setting does not work! No matter if cecked or unchecked, Vista shows the files of all folders and not just the the files of the indexed folders!

The seventh setting: Include non-indexed system folders or not. If unchecked, it does not include folders like “Windows” or “Programs” as long as they are not indexed. Includes such if checked.
This setting works.

The eighth setting: Include non-indexed compressed files or not.
This setting is dead and has no effect! I couldn’t even find out what it actually does exactly, because it had no effect to anything I tried. My tests were: (1) Show or not show files in non-indexed zipped folders. (2) Show or not show non-indexed .zip-files itself.

This is so poor and disappointing.


And where is the possibility gone to search files created/altered from a date to another date??

And why are the search results limited to 5000 entries??


ive heard good things about google desktop but ive never tried it