Vista problems

Since I got this new computer witha Vista OS, I’ve had one problem after another, thanks to the folks on these boards, I was able to resolve most of these problems, now I went to do my NY Times crossword and got a message to the effect that windows need to know what application to open the puz. extension, same when I tried to upgrade my firmware, this was a bin. extension, I know when I had XP, I went into My Computer, tools, and folder options and was able to assign a program to open them, I don’t see this option with Vista. Any ideas? T.I.A.

[QUOTE=durkinjt;2139430]was able to assign a program to open them[/QUOTE]

and which program was this?

[QUOTE=troy512;2139461]and which program was this?[/QUOTE]
The way it worked was, when you went on the file folders page it gave a list of the file extensions Windows used, if was not assigned to a program, you could assign one, for instance, if you knew the extension was on for audio/video, you could assign Microsoft Media Player, Etc.

yes, if you knew the extionsion was for .bin , you would want to assign which program?

try right clicking on a bin file and click open with.

or go to start and default programs.

here is an open with add-on, i can not say if it works or not, just found it on a google search

Well you can right click on it and see if “Open With” is listed and choose a program in Vi$ta. Is that what you mean?

default programs tool, again dont know if this will actually work i dont have vista, just a google search result