Vista problems with new build

I just finished a new build with everything Vista certified or approved.

I started getting blue screen and messages right away, 1st one was the memory problem, had to remove 2GB and restart computer, then add the 2GB and it worked.

I’m not hooked to the INTERNET yet, so can’t get updates for Vista 64 bit.
The next blue screen was a CDFS File System error after I tried putting an audio CD in the drive. I have a newer Leann Rimes CD that blue screens immediately, my own CD that I have mixed my music on will play 1 or 2 tunes and then blue screen. It blue screens while idling also.

Does anyone know whats going on here? I’m ready to send Vista back where it came from and go back to 2000 pro. I paid alot of money for a system that appears to be defective, home premium 64 bit.

If anyone has any suggestions to my problems, I would appreciate any help.


Hook up to the internet and get updates if you want it to work right.

I have Vista HP32 &I would not recomend Vista to anyone.
I have it running fairly stable for Vista but Vista will always be slow.
I don’t want to do a rant so heres a couple of things you might want to do.Disable UAC.Run it on 2GB ram till you get it more stable.
Recheck to make sure all your hardware cables are plugged in well.
If you really want to run Vista well you need to read about Takeown & icacls .Get rid of Norton if it’s installed.

I don’t think your problems have anything to do with Vista, Ron. You didn’t reinstall those 2GB with the PC turned on did you? Could well be a faulty RAM stick you have there.

Hi :slight_smile:
1st there is a known problem when it comes to quantity of RAM used.
You don’t say how much you have in total.
There is a specific update for this.
2nd is that if you are still able to get past the BSOD bit.
Go online & update if possible.
Then if you still have any problems at all
Come back with them.

Zebadee is right about memory. On my Vista Ultimate 64 Bit PC, I was running 4GB of dual channel DDR memory, but it only recognizes 3GB. So I took out two sticks and put them one of my other PC’s. I can not tell the difference with only 2GB RAM. It is just as fast. And two people I know with HP Home Premium Vista both run real slow and had me install another Hard Drive with XP Pro SP-2 for a dual boot option. Now they are fast and happy.

I did have 4 gb’s of ram w/ 2 sticks of 2 gig each, after I pulled 2 gb out it solved that problem.

I was getting a (out of range) error on my new 26" Westinghouse monitor, they apparently were using a defective dvi to hdmi cord. They refused to warranty the cheap cord made in China. I was instructed to use the vga cord which works until I get my quality built cord from newegg tomorrow.

When I started downloading the vista updates, which there were 50, my computer would lock-up. I finally removed the dvd burner and that resolved the problem.

After the updates, I installed the other 2 gigs of memory and the dvd burner.

I was getting pop up signs telling me that I could not listen to my cd’s, I kept x ing out these signs and it eventually let me listen to the cd’s. I have not tried burning yet on this system.

I went from 2000 pro to the vista 64 bit and my feelings are still mixed about my judgment in this move.

I believe vista is slower than 2000 was, it also has disturbing signs that keep popping up, it tries to ask and tell you everything, I am not a child and am able to use my own judgment in what I am doing. I am still learning how to shut some of these intrusive acts down.

There are also some great features in vista that are beneficial to me. I am in my mid 60’s and the eyesight is not what it used to be when the resolution of my monitor is set at 1920x1200. It has a zoom feature in startup that I set to 150% and a page setting that I have set at larger, I can now read the print without glasses. These settings revert back to a medium setting when you close out, but have settings so you do not have to reset it every time you want larger print. I’m not sure if xp has a password manager, but vista does.

I didn’t intend for this to turn into a review, but wanted to stress my feelings. I haven’t tried my programs on here yet, except for kaspersky and nero, plus a couple other programs, I will wait till sp 1 is offered as an update before trying the rest.


I installed SP-1 and it worked fine. The final release is out for download, or you can wait until it downloads automatically, but it is over 700MB.