Vista problems motherboard/dvd drive not found

ok first of i like to say i just love all the problems with vista right now it’s like a challenge :slight_smile: i have an P4PE2-X asus motherboard and i have a lite-on 451s dvd burner i just upgraded to vista ulitmate and my dvd drives wont reconize now if i plug in my ide cable to my dvd burner i will get a blue screen of death come up before windows it comes up fast and resets my computer sometimes i can get into windows with it pluged in but the drive wont be there it says no device reconized and this is sometimes most of the time i get the blue screen come up and resets now if i pull the cable form the dvd drive it boots up into vista fine would you say this is a motherboard bios problem i notice a lot of boards out there do not support vista and how can i work around this problem becuse im not going to trash my main board and get all new stuff evry time a new o/s comes out thats just crazy also what about if i get an external dvd drive pluged into usb would this be a work around that could work for me? im looking for some solutions pleas help :a

P4PE2-X (Intel 845PE) Series
P4PE2-X socket 478 Pentium 4 motherboard is based on the Intel 845PE chipset. Supporting DDR400(Overclocking), and FSB800(Overclocking) and an abundance of advanced features,

cpu 2.4 ghz
nVIDIA GeForce PCI FX 5500 256MB Video
1 gig ddr ram
lite-on 451s dvd± burner

Your particular video card might also be too slow for Vista - especially any version of Vista other than Home Basic. What’s worse is that you have a PCI video card, which is much slower than a comparable card in AGP. And some PCI video cards are actually slower than the latest motherboard-embedded graphics.

So, if you’re using a PCI video card, I’d recommend upgrading to an AGP video card for that motherboard.

In addition, you might not have the correct chipset drivers installed on your Vista installation. This is the INF utility to use for your OS.

i dont think so it said vista ready on the box and i just picked the video card up tonight at best buy you think that card is bad i had a nvid mx 400 in my pc before tonight lol any ways the new card they have the drivers already for vista i have no slow speeds with vista at all just that dvd problem i will check into that inf thing you where talking about maybe i will take the video card back and see if they got the agp but im not really a hardcore gamer i mostly build websites and stuff so i have no use for a $300 top end grafix card thanks for the responce

same problem i tried the inf files still blue screen comes up and auto resets the pc when the dvd drive is pluged in im going to try to get an external dvd to usb to see if that might work