Vista Prison - Roxio Hates Decryption SW



Ok - Just bought a Dell XPS M1530 (2.6ghz/250gb/4gbram/Vista - Dell only ships with Vista now). Would someone know if there’s ANY tool that will convert a decrypted DVD to AVI or DivX? I’ve installed DivX Pro for latest codecs, and DVD43 to decrypt. Roxio Easy Media 10.1 has crashed and won’t restart. I’ve tried #1 DVD Ripper, AVS, Cucusoft, and others. Each one hangs and crashes. What’s the trick?


Might want to search around the Forum for different tools to do what you are doing, or has Dvd43 started to be updated again? Plus I personnally think that Roxio is an accident waiting to happen.


Get rid of Vista and buy an XP Pro disc.:bigsmile: Try CloneDVDMobile;)


found this information at the Roxio site; not sure if its related to your problem but it might be helpful to you.

This happens a lot when people use registry cleaners. EMC10 uses a particular registry key to store activation and registration information, and this key is very prone to being broken by almost any registry cleaner. When that happens, the whole suite is immediately disabled.

The fix at the moment is to do an uninstall/reinstall, or use the Roxio repairer utility.
Prevention is to either tell your registry cleaner to leave the Roxio key alone, or not to use a registry cleaner.
If you locate and export that key before your software is disabled, then you can re-enable the suite by importing the key again after the calamity. The value of the key is system-dependent, so it can’t be used on another system.