Vista only recognises my dvd burner as a normal dvd drive

I have a pci sata/ide raid controller with the via vt6421l chipset which i use to connect my ide pioneer 111d dvd burner to my pc( which is sata only) . Anyways i have installed vista home premium and installed the latest drivers for this card (5.40c). The dvd drive IS recognised in my computer in vista ( it can read dvd’s fine) but vista media center and movie maker dont recognise it as a dvd burner. I havent tried any dvd burning s/w yet. Just wondering does anyone know what could be the problem. It works fine in xp.

or can anyone recommend a good cheap ide to sata convertor that can be bought online in europe easily

Sounds like a problem with the DRM (Digital Rights Management) “features” of Vista. I don’t know the details (too depressing; I’ll stay with XP for as long as practical).

I’ve had good luck with ide-to-sata adapters on the back of my DVDR drives but I haven’t tried it on the 111. I have two different makes of the adapter; both use a Silicon Image chipset.

RAID controllers are not made to work with dvd burners.

There are a few exceptions though.