Vista not reading DVDs burned in Vista

Hello Gurus of CDs and DVDs…

I am hoping you can help me with a strange yet simple problem.

I burned content to DVDs with Vista Ultimate RTM. I rebuilt the same machine with a nwer Vista build and now the content of the DVD’s cannot be read by Windows Explorer. It just says ‘Drag Files’ in the right pane. If I right click on the disk and view properties, I can see that 4 + gigs is already used but why cant explorer see it? I can see it with IsoBuster and on my XP machine, but not on this vista machine. I am sure its just a setting somewhere but I am completely perplexed.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts that may help or any questions.

Thanks for taking the tine to read this and thanks in advance for any replies.


Perhaps it’s a problem of just that vista machine? Can it read cd’s made in the other one?

Hi Belvedere,

It cannot be read in other vista machines but is read fine in XP machine.

Also, I just burned a “video” dvd with nero and this DVD cannot be read either. In fact it asks me to format it.

Any ideas why? I am fairly certain its a vista setting…


Until you get it a fix,try running ner0 under Vista in WIN XP compatibility mode,see if it helps…
Also try burning with IMGBurn instead,I recently purchased a laptop with Vista Home,and have had no probs thus far with IMGburn burned discs…
Perhaps it’s a media issue…

Hi t0nee1, thanks for the reply…

So I have figured it out and after all it is a silly setting. Autoplay settings were the culprit. I have set most of them to take no action and now I can see my data.

For the record, I am using the following programs to burn in Vista with excellent success:

  • I only use tier 1 Media.

DVD Movies

vob format - Nero 8 - 100%
Iso - Active ISO burner - 100%
Img - rename to iso and see above.

JetAudio - 90 %

Windows DVD Writer - 75%


Glad you go it figured out…and thanks for replying back with your fix method…:slight_smile: