Vista Media Center to support HDTV and DVB-S/S2

I just posted the article Vista Media Center to support HDTV and DVB-S/S2.

Our forum administrator Dee-27 has posted more information about the upcoming large Windows Vista Media Center update that goes by the codename Fiji which will bring support for HDTV and…

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Now all we need is advice on how to upgrade our Vista from 32 to 64-bit.

Reply to Fred:

The answer is simple. Insert your bootable 64bit Vista DVD, and once prompted, click Install :slight_smile:
(formatting the hard drive is recommended but not mandatory).

There will be no other option.

I’m running both 32 and 64 bit Vista at my home on my two HTPCs (exact same hardware configuration), I find my 32 bit perform better with games. May be 5 years from now, every software vendor would choose to have just 64 bit applications and then, 64 bit OS will prove its power - not until then.

Is there a solution tot play blue ray on vista media center 64 bit yet?
If there is can somone please inform me withe a link?
Thanks in advance.