Vista MCE changes from MCE 2005 posted on Matt Goyer Blog

I just posted the article Vista MCE changes from MCE 2005 posted on Matt Goyer Blog.

 Matt  Goyer  works as a manager for Microsoft on the Media Center team and keeps a handy  blog posted that is quite interesting to check out now and again. For instance,  if you already...
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According to my Microsoft Rep (I’m an MS Partner), the domain join option is not for joining to Windows Server 2003 domains - it is reserved for a future home-media server version of “Longhorn” Server. I also read that somewhere, awhile back on one of MS’s sites but I don’t recall where (it was before they had the Windows Vista site up, and probably even before the official name was announced).

OCUR/CableCARD support
I hope that means I can finally use my DVB-C card with MCE!

Don’t count on it - CableCard is an American standard comprising of a PCMCIA Type 2 “smartcard” concept. DVB-C is a European standard for MPEG-2 based video encryption and delivery system and always had a dedicated set-top decryption box as part of it’s design plan.