Vista may not support HD DVD playback at launch



I just posted the article Vista may not support HD DVD playback at launch.

 Microsoft's next generation OS now called "Vista"  may not support HD-DVD right out of the box, when  it is released in the last half of this year, even though they are solidly behind  the...
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slightly misleading title it will support hd-dvd drives just might not support it’s playback functions nativly but most likely with third party programs. Dosn’t seem to be to big of a deal i know lots of people who build HTPC use third party programs anyhow for there dvd and media file playback.


Yeah, let me fix that! Thanks


How many DVD drives currently support Mt. Rainier? I bet you can count them on the digits of one hand.


I hope Vista dies like all DRM things should. MS should realise DRM sells nothing and nobody wants it. Die Vista die. :g


Plextor are the only mob that have supported the Mount Rainier format for a while. In any case, DVD-RAM is a much better format for packet writing and is more widely available on DVD burners now.