Vista Is Useless W/backup Optical Media

Vista has got to be the most stubborn and inflexible system ever when it comes to optical media. Nero 7.8 has also got to be the most useless piece of software ever written for Vista.
I have tried both Windows own packet-writing and Nero Express.
They both insist on formatting first and fail, no matter what media I put in - used, blank,new, already formatted…you name it!
Windows format always fails, Quick or long…and it wont packet write without formatting first.
Nero insists on formatting everything then ejects the disc and that’s it…no burning.
So I am left with only a spare partition and/or my external hard drive to backup files.
I like to have an alternative.
Nero 6 has no problems at all in XP.
Just venting because I doubt anything anyone suggests will ever make a difference…I’ve been Googling this for days.
Money spent on Nero 7 was totally wasted.

I take some of it back…I just picked another drive and it is now doing a Windows packet writing to my drive X:…estimated duration 12 days…obviously way off, but we shall see. So why the change of heart I ask myself? 3 out of 4 of the drives are capable of writing to DVD media.
Nero will remain a mystery.
I remember I had the same problems with early versions of Nero 6.

Almost everyone try to stay away from pocket writing program since it is nothing but headache.

That’s why I was hoping Nero would work but it seems that my purchase was a waste of money.


as you have two DVD-RAM capable drives, try these with DVD-RAM discs. But make sure, InCD is properly removed.


I’m using my one and only RAM disk for XP right now. Good idea though, will try. I never installed InCD 5 anyway. To be honest I couldn’t find it in the installation package anyway…LOL
When I referred to Nero I meant Nero Express - burning a data DVD.

InCD is in the installation package you have to checked the box but it is just a headache.

Actually InCD is showing with a red X in the product setup list which I assume is because Nero knows that Vista has its own packet writing - or else it wasn’t included my download for some unknown reason. It says 0 bytes, application will not be loaded.
I wouldn’t have minded trying it to see if it was faster than Vista’s.

As an experiment I just tried once again to use Nero Startsmart/DVD/Burn Data DVD and just chose 1 small folder to put on the disk. It burned fine. So it appears that Nero Express is getting swamped when I’m burning a disk to capacity, strange?

I have VISTA also and I have not seen any indication yet that VISTA has pocket writing capability.

Just go to any folder, your Pictures for instance. Right-click and “Send to” your optical drive.
Throw in a disk and it will format and packet-write.

Well surprisingly your suggestion worked fine. I used Nero Express and although slower speed disks it took less time to fill one side of a DVD-RAM @ 3X than Windows takes to packet-write to the Ridata DVD-RW’s that I was using.
InCD was never installed on this partition and in fact I did a test earlier, I can’t even install it if I wanted too since updating Nero to 7.8 (or whatever), it asks for the original setup.exe.