Vista is Not Soundcard Recording Friendly



Vista is Not Soundcard Recording Friendly

Just a note to mention to hold onto your Windows XP computers. Seems Vista is not soundcard record friendly. Worse yet, there might not be a easy way around it. Some of your recording programs may not work and it seems that Vista was designed to be this way.

Recording with Audacity? read this. This person cannot record using Audacity with his Vista system.

Another person had some luck with enabling soundcard recording, another did not.

Here no solution was found.

Vista disables devices.

Just be aware if you buy a Vista computer, and some functions cannot be done as it was with your Windows XP computer, you’ll know why. Just be aware.


I cant agree with u. I’ve been using Crystal MP3 Recorder for recording my own songs on Vista. It worked fine for me, so I cant believe that Vista is Not Soundcard Recording Friendly.:disagree:


Total Recorder is a good choice too. It creates a ‘Virtual Sondcard’ that’ll capture 'bout anything, even faster than realtime sometimes.


I’ve been having issues with my Sony acid Pro too … keeps losing my midi controller everytime I fire it up I have to show SOny where the midi port is again… amongst other issues…