Vista HP won't read data DVD

Before moving from America to Germany, I backed up my data (.docs, .jpgs and .movs mostly) to DVD using Roxio.

In Germany the nearly new notebook pc failed and I had to do a system restore. Re-formatted the hard drive.

No problem, right? I just need to restore the data from my back-up.

Well, I popped the DVD in and waited. And waited. Nothing happened. I opened and closed the tray. Tried to read the disc using the command prompt.

In the past, when I have put in a back-up disc, a window opened automatically when I put a disc in. Now, with the Computer window open, a green bar keeps flashing like it continues to read, but after 30 minutes it is still doing the same.

Any suggestions will be appreciated!

Welcome to the forum. You will need to open and alocate Roxio after a system restore its like a new install of the software on the computer as well, open the software and reregister the product using the same info you using the first time then… reinsert this cd/dvd and it should open up fine. Also if this is Vista it will take 2 days of activity to relearn your ways and adjust to your personal settings. This will give you time to reinstall everything anyways back on the computer!


Can you tell me how to format a RW DVD?

This is so a DVD with data can be made blank and re-used.