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Been a user for 2 years. Program stopped working. Error just says stopped worked working has to shut down wont even load. Any suggestions. Help

Tryed all versions beta & regular.

Hello nightrider and welcome to the DVDFab section of CD Freaks
If you are having trouble installing or running DVDFab Platinum or Gold on Vista you may need to add it to t :smiley: he DEP exception list

Did that thanks.

Are you still having the trouble :confused:

(EDIT)…Guess not went offline :doh:
and if you are make sure you selected
[B]Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I have select[/B]

Thank you for help, reinstalled Vista & Platinum that did it, works perfect.

Hey nightrider thats good to hear glad we was able to help just learning Vista myself, :bigsmile:

Got it thanks.