Vista Help

Hey all i was wondering if some knows this. So i bought a new laptop yesterday and i had some music and movies saved on my ipod. Anyway i was moving the files today and because the movie files were so big i decided to move the files go make a cup of team and close the laptop screen. Long story short it has left a mark on my windows explorer. Please view the following 3 pics. The ones i wanna get rid of are at the very top in blue. When i plugged my Ipod in it came up as F drive now i dont have it plugged in and there is still a F drive.

The second one is a movie. It stalled when i put the screen down and then try to open it up again. Now it is there permant how do i get rid of it. As u can see on the third pic if i click on it nothing displays or happens. Thanks heaps guys

oh and where is the D and the E drive in that list? how do i get them on if possible. Cheers Sean

There is nothing wrong there. This list you see is just a “history” of the previous devices/folders you entered. Doesn’t mean they are still there in you PC. It has the same functionality as the “history” in your browser!

Irrelevant to your question, but if you please, try to attach smaller pictures. This way your post would be more easily readable :wink:

^^^ Oh ok so it just a history is it? I did not know sorry. Only my second day on vista. Is there a way to clear it and start again?

There is a way, but I don’t remember it!!! :slight_smile: There are some free programs to do that, or you can also tweak the registry. Try a google search with terms similar to “clear history in vista”… You surely will find out a convenient way :wink:

ok cheers will do and once i do i will post it here. Thanks