Vista help please!

ok so i got the hp pavillion slimline and it came with vista, but i need to reinstall it; and i don’t have the a cd. Can anyone please help?
thankyou foryour time.

You should contact the company to get recover cd/dvd from them or go to the department store you bought the hp and ask them to give you the cd/dvd. They should’ve come with it or give you information to get them if you need them.

Use the recovery software that came installed from HP.

i formated the d drive because i was going to use it for storage… my vista keeps crashing… ill contact hp tomorrow for a vista back up disk(do they have to give me one? i mean i paid like 800 us for this darn pc!) well thanks for the help…also i restored my pc and crashed again… this sucks but ill fix it im no no0b… :wink:

also can hp leagaly deni my request for a back up disk? thank you for your time

So you removed the restore image? If so you should of backed that up to a DVD first. HP may not assist you on this but you may get lucky being that you removed the partition (reformatted it).

You have always been able to purchase backup disc’s from HP.

forget ill just bootleg a copy ad install and crack it like i do everything else! this is why people should not pay for this crap. then u just get greedy… FUCK U :iagree:

Fuck u bitch! <br>LOLOLOL

i contacted hp via chat. they are sending me some recovery disks :cool: dont ask me pay twice no0b

I hope your last 2 posts weren’t directed at me.
Seems to me [B]you[/B] are the stupid noob MF that didn’t make a backup when prompted after first setting up your computer (or any other time for that matter) and [B]then[/B] deleting your “D” drive to gain more disc space. That’s something only a [B]stupid noob MF[/B] would do.
$10 isn’t unreasonable for a set of backup discs from HP.