Vista Eternity 2009 and 2 hard drives?



i recently posted about building a new gaming rig and have ordered all of the components, and they should be arriving in a matter of days

i would like to install Windows Vista Eternity 2009, a tweaked version of Vista
i have a copy of vista, so im not technically pirating the os

my question is, the only dvd burner i have will be the new one once i have put it all together so i was wondering if, a hard drive from one of my old rigs with xp installed on it, if i put my rig together and boot from this hard drive, run xp with my new computer, and then burn the Vista to a dvd could i then install it on the other drive if they are both on the same computer, and if so, would removing the old drive be any problem?

i know this sounds really complicated, but i am in a bit of a conundrum and need some help

-thanks in advance to anyone who even tries to help

btw, i cannot install the Vista on top of the xp, instructions strictly prohibit that on the site i got it from


Chances are that you will run into problems just swapping the hard drive with xp already installed on it. You hardware configuration will not be the same, drivers will no be installed, etc. You would be better off just putting your new burner in the old pc and burning whatever you need from there.


i will give that a try, but my old pc is a dell dimension 4600c so its all compact, not sure if i can

thanks anyway, ill give it a try