Vista Driver for InterVideo Win DVR



As a gift, I received a USB2.0 TV Box and the InterVideo Win DVR CD to install on my notebook.

When I went to install the CD, there was the option to select various drivers but none for Windows Vista. Can I download this driver from somewhere? And if I do, can I then install the CD?

It would be great as I don’t have TV.


Is the usb box the adaptec media center or something else?


Who exactly made this particular usb tv box? You’ll need drivers from the manufacturer.

InterVideo Win DVR is a dead product, no longer sold since Corel took over InterVideo. Getting support for that program may be interesting too.


The box says “USB 2.0 TV Box”. Don’t see any other name. Says it is designed for Microsoft Windows XP & Windows 2000. The package contains the USB2.TV box, Installation CD which is the InterVideo WinDVR CD, remote controller and USB cable.

Since I have Microsoft Windows Vista, guess that it won’t work. Would have been nice. Is there a replacement product?


It will work Just right click the installation file and set compatibility to windows xp. Disable your UAC first.