Vista doesn't recognize my SH-203B


I have searched this forum for an answer, but I couldn’t find any.
Someone at advised me to ask this to you guys.

OS: Vista Ultimate
Motherboard: P35-DS4 rev1.1
dvd-rw drive: Samsung SH-203B

In my bios it says SH-203B, but in Vista it doens’t recognize the modelname.
I have downloaded the firmware checker from Samsung and it says TSS corp CDDVDW SB00, so the modelname is also missing there. The device manager also only shows TSS corp CDDVDW.

Result of this is that I can’t update the firmware of my drive. It says that the firmware is not for this drive and I think it’s because the modelname is missing.

I have contacted Samsung about this, but waiting for a week already

Hi and Welcome!

this mainboard seems to be equipped with an additional Jmicron based IDE/Sata controller. I guess, you have it connected there.
If you don’t have a Raid setup, switch Sata operation mode of the Intel Sata controller to IDE and connect your burner to one of the Intel Sata ports.