Vista doesn't read real disks or virtual disks

As I said in the title vista doesn’t read real disks or virtual disks. It says please insert a disk bla bla. When i put the disk, the writer reads until the point which it should read continously in the end but it doesn’t do that and shuts down.

First I thought it was dvd-writer and bought another one and I found that it wasn’t reading too. I tried it in XP and it read everything. So it was a software problem.

In vista again, later I found that it wasn’t showing the contents of the isos mounted by daemon tools. I uninstalled things I have installed recently but it didn’t work either. Damn thing doesn’t have a restore point too. I have no idea what to do and I don’t want to reinstall vista again… I searched the internet but couldn’t find a problem like this. Any ideas about this? Thanks.

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For starters suggest reviewing the CD and DVD Burners Forum Read First posting titled “Troubleshooting: My Optical Drive Doesn’t Recognize Discs (Like They Should Be)…” ->