Vista Crack Means Big Trouble

The exploit doesn’t break Microsoft’s anti-piracy mechanism, but falsely activates some Windows Vista versions ???

is it too late now?

This isnt news, it’s about the same old KMS that has floated about since the first appearance of Vista on the net. And while it does work, it’s not very useful.

[U]Two comments[/U]

  1. [B]AND…visiting this page at work could lead to more trouble[/B]. :a
    The sponsored links seem to feature images of naked women bouncing their boobies in animated GIF formats. I wonder why that is necessary?
    I´ve checked this at least 25 times this morning… :rolleyes:

  2. There´s another report here which is quite interesting. How to get the full Vista by installing just the upgrade package :eek:

Hey guys,
Yesterday I found a guy on a forum who ‘sold’ keys.
Other users set it wasn’t fake so I tried.
Hell yeah, my vista is running fine now 8)

I had to transfer 10USD by moneybookers to
With the message that it was for a vistakey, that was it.

I hope I can help some of you guys with it