Vista Compatibility

What is the best DVD reader and writer for use in Vista?

I give up; I guess nobody has a hot tip on what works best in Vista. All of my burners are BenQ and Plextor and work fine, but they will need replacement as they wear out. I just was wondering what was working the best with Vista. I still use XP Pro SP-1, but I do have Vista Ultimate 64 bit installed in my test PC. I was thinking of getting a Pioneer DVR-115D. Then I could use my oldest burner, a Plextor PX-716A for a backup.

Well, it should not matter what operating system is used. So there is no “best burner for vista” as well as there is no “best burner for XP” or no “best burner for Linux”.

I think the Pioneer is not a bad choice.


LG or Samsung are good choices too.

[quote=THE C.;2162688]LG or Samsung are good choices too.[/quote]I think, more than half a year after submitting his post, the thread starter should have found a solution :wink: