Vista clean install woes

I have a quick question, and hopefully someone has actually tried this rather than speculation.

I bought the upgrade to windows vista premium disc (academic version). I’ve already upgraded my previous xp intallation to vista and its been running fairly smoothly. I know you can perform a clean install using the upgrade disc, however any guide always stresses the fact that you shouldn’t enter the product code when upgrading it. You enter the product key after you do the clean install.

At the time i just wanted vista, couldn’t be bothered doing a clean install as i was busy with uni work. Now i want to do a clean install using this upgrade disc, but obviously i have entered the product key already when upgrading. Will this still work or will microsoft update bitch at me for this? Anyone tried it this way?

Hope this makes sense.


Hi :slight_smile:
Your quite right to be cautious as MS are being (or trying to be)very meticulous regarding Vista.
I have done this for someone + Had to do a 2nd clean install (full) on my own PC.
On both the ocassions I had to telephone MS to get to able to use the serial # that came with discs.
I suggest perhaps you contact MS 1st & get the go ahead.
Then install away. :iagree: :bigsmile: