Vista clean install hangs

I have just bought a :Liteon LH-20A1H to use on a new system with Vista Premium Home.

Having got it to boot off the DVD I wait for half an hour with a green coloured screen, when it asks me to select a country. After yet another half an hour it then tells me it cant find a DVD driver. :a

The only DVD with the drive is a Nero Version 7 which doesnt provide a driver either. (Nero do have an update but that only works once Vista is installed)

I’m currently waiting for an answer from Liteon (without holding my breath)

I’ve noted on other forums that a lot of people are having problems and look forward to someone coming up with an answer. If I find one first I’ll post it here.

What bothers me is its already reading the drive, so what more can it need? For the record the motherboard is a Foxconn PM9007MB