Vista burning issues



hello all,

im running vista rtm and these there is one annoying issue regarding burning blank CDs:

whenever i insert some blank CD into the CD drive ( an AOPEN CD-RW CRV 5224) windows explorer seems to be hanging forever, while the address bar at the top is gradually filling with green color as if it was indexing something (perhaps the blank CD?!)

the whole thing (if i leave it uninterrupted and dont reset the system) lasts for about 4-5 mins, sometimes displaying a message like “windows cannot format this media” or the like, while windows explorer stops responding.

also during whole time the power is cut to the CD drive, so i cannot open the tray.

has anyone else experienced this under vista? it never happened on XP - and IMO when the blank CD is inserted, i guess vista is trying to act like burning software (i know XP also had this feature, though i never used it) and it fails down the road.

i dont need vista burning feature, can i turn that off? i just use nero or other dedicated burning software.

10x for any help

i apologise if this is not the right forum for my problem