Vista - A Burning Issue!

Since neither my Roxio or Nero editions work with Vista I tried to burn a CD using Vista’s Media Player and Media Center. Unfortunately both programs seem to believe that I do not have a drive capable of burning.

I have a NEC DVD RW and a Lite On CD RW drive but the device manager has both listed as ROM drives. I tried updating the driver but could not, I updated firmware to no avail, I uninstalled and reinstalled them both with the same results. Anyone got a clue how I can convince Vista that these drives can burn?

I have used Imgburn on this machine so it seems only Vista and it’s programs have trouble recognizing the drives for what they are.

I’m bumping this question with some new information. I have done a lot of research on this and found someone who said the solution was the wrong EIDE driver installed. He said Vista installed the drive as an SCSI CD ROM device which is how mine appears in the device manager. He wrote that he solved it by installing a Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller driver. Problem is he did not explain how he did this. Can anyone help with how to find and install a standard PCI IDE driver in my Vista machine?