Vista 64bit

i have 2 questions. (1) does DVDfab support 64bit? (im using 32bit vista, but looking to upgrade to 64 bit and curious about this issue)… (2) Since 32bit and 64bit Vista have issues with burning software out thier (i was able to get a copy of SONIC off my laptop that came preinstalled with vista, to use on my desktop but its not all that good)… ANYWAY-> why not advance DVDfab to support Also plain CD/DVD copy of normal data disks to. This way DVDfab becomes more then just Movie software, it also becomes CD/DVD burning software which is much cheaper then NERO and ROXIO seem to have. they both want like $80 dollars for their stuff, and the trial software ive tried of their software seems to have bugs in it under vista…

Just a thought. (but dont forget any answers to 64bit vista support w/DVDfab is needed, thanks.


note: after reading my question… i know it has direct clone copy, i meant just the other perks like data/audio. you’d have one sweet package deal their.

Ive been a paid subscriber of dvdfab for almost 2 years and i love it… (upgraded to platnuim about 6 months ago.)

btw: 64bit support ?? ANYONE :slight_smile:


64 Bit is a no go… Sorry :sad: AFAIK

well one says no on 64 bit but I have run Dvdfab platinum on my Vista ultimate 64 bit OS without any problems.

I just ran dvdfab through a few functions like coping a move and converting a movie to ipod all of which it did with no problems as for the rest of the program I have not tested the rest of the functions.

I have been pleasently surprised to find most of my burning software will function on Vista 64 :slight_smile:

I too have ran this app a few times on vista ultimate 64 bit as well no issues. Although mine is a custom built PC and no premade by HP and such.

Hi chuckctv,

DVDFab supports XP/Vista 64, please try it to see the result.

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