Vista 64 Ultimate, AnyDvd not decrypting anything

Hi, New to this forum and would appreciate some help. I searched forever and found nothing.

I have been using AnyDvd and 1Click to make back-ups of my movies forever and this is a problem I just recently came across.

I recently built a new machine and installed Vista Ultimate 64(Previously used xp pro 32 and no problems). Since I have installed the new OS I have not got 1 single dvd to decrypt. I get the (The file may be encrypted…) message in 1ckick every time, even on older DVDs that i have backed up before.

I have tried the “safe mode” on and off method and still the same result. If anyone has any suggestions or hotfix links, it would be very much appreciated.

I read something about Vista 64 trying to be more DRM friendly. This might be the problem but there is always someone smarter than MS to “fix” their OS safety features, so I’m sure its been figured out by now ;D

System specs are as follows

Latest Versions: Anydvd version 1Click DVD Copy Pro Version
Vista Ultimate 64
Plextor Burner
Sony reader
Gigabyte EP45-UD3P MB
Intel Core 2 Duo 8500
2x 74GB Raptors stripe raided
1TB WD Sata (for storage only)

Welcome to the forum Big Miggen

I am running Vista Ult 64bit, using current AnyDVD with 1Click Pro.

Gigabyte MB, Intel Q6600, Raptor HD and everything is working just fine.

You might want to make sure that you have CPRx disabled within 1Click since you are using AnyDVD.

Have you tried another backup software such as CloneDVD2 also available from Slysoft with a trial officer to see if you might just have a bad install on the 1Click side.

Ok Kipper, Thanks man, Clonedvd works. Guess i have to buy more sortware when my trial ends. Oh well.

Yes i have tried disabling CPRx on 1Click and leaving it on in AnyDvd, and visa~versa and still nothing.

I have got DvdShrink to work but the playback in normal DVD players is buggy.

DvdFab 5 Plat worked until the burning process and i get a unable to burn message, (yes i have Nero installed for it to use as a burn engine)

I guess beggars can’t be choosers, I started my DVD backup life with CloneDVD and it looks like i’m right back to where I began, can’t complain, its decent software.

I think since they are both made by Slysoft they are more likely to work in conjunction with each other.

Thanks Kipper

You are welcome and CloneDVD is a very fine program.